Saturday, June 23, 2018

About Bangers n' Smash

bangers n smash banger race car hire Angmering OvalHaving been a professional driver for 20 years, I often felt the need to cut loose from the daily restraints required in my job's performance. A friend introduced me to banger racing, and after my first experience I was high from the massive adrenaline rush and utterly addicted! I have spent thousands of pounds go-karting, but I always left feeling not quite fulfilled in what I craved. Banger racing takes recreational driving to a whole new level, far from the limitations in go-karting, you will leave feeling that you've truly entered the world of motor sport.

After a long love affair with banger racing, I saw a need in the market for an affordable racing experience, without the added hassle and expense of building and storing your own racecar.

We have a fleet of race ready cars, waiting for drivers to take up the challenge! We can give you individual racing experiences, competing against other drivers on a racing programme; group experiences, this includes private hire of the race track for you to compete with your friends, or simply have a tear around the Angmering Oval; and corporate experiences, like with the group deals this includes private track hire. Each package comes with its own specifications, have a look at our tariff page, or please feel free to contact us if you'd like to find out more.


Oval Raceway, Water Lane,
Angmering, West Sussex BN16 4EL

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tel: 07479 648118